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Yes.The economy sucks and people are looking for a 'real' job to support their families.

These self-professed job boards allow you to submit resumes for positions that best suit your talents and experience. So far, so good. Yet I venture to say the companies and primarily the HR department lacks the professional courtesy to at least send applicants a thanks but no thanks email/letter. Instead they prefer to let the millions trying to find that one nugget out there for a job HOPE but they let them rot with delusional hopes and dreams that the job they posted for is their salvation.

But no, the HR manager is too busy to acknowledge the masses and provide the common courtesy to let the applicant's request for employment while appreciated, does not fit the job description they posted for. That is fine. That is life. We are all adults.

But in essence (90%+) of these companies let you know they received your resume and cover letter and then you never hear from them again. WTF? Back in the day proper professional etiquette was to at least send a rejection letter so the applicant could know to wipe that opportunity off of their wish list. These days the cloak and dagger crew could give a flip and quite frankly I doubt they truly even look at half of the resumes submitted.

They must be too busy on other initiatives like the company picnic, bring your kid to work day and payroll administration. Either these self-professed professionals are over worked or they just hate their jobs and don't give a ***. I vote for don't give a ***. You can't feel compassion for the masses that are longing to contribute in the workforce again because you are too busy feeling smug and numb.

Your life must suck.

Good.You ruin enough peoples lives you will never know.

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